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Written by team_yogasync on date 24 January 2012

Ready…. Steady…. GO!

We’re up and running, finally we are LIVE on line. Gosh it’s been a long road since Al conjured up the seed of this idea – an idea that’s evolved immensely from it’s conception and, as it births into a live almost living breathing teaching, it will continue to evolve for the foreseeable future. Initially though, it was the inflexibility ( go figure) of a yoga DVD and it’s inability to evolve with our practice that got the ball rolling. Before that, it was the inconvenience of having to be on someone else’s timetable and turf to go to someone’s class….

So over the past three years, not only have we had to think up a plan to evolve beyond the teachers’ class and the DVD to bring yoga into the home, but we’ve also had to build the technology required to make it all work. Deciding on programming languages and technologies with developers to make sure that the platform can handle 1 million plus users from different countries. That doesn’t sound too yogic right ? Well we did it.

Bit by bit, with a lot of persistence and patience, we are now beginning to experience the off-line effect of this on-line process as it starts to manifest itself by bringing yoga into the homes of people all around the world! What an exciting journey this has, and continues, to be!

So today, Yogasync.tv is a dynamic, original and brand spanking new way to bring Yoga into peoples homes. In effect we’ve created something versatile enough to evolve and grow as we practice, so that we can practice where and when we want to AND that will simultaneously speak to people from all cultures from beginner to advanced – and in yoga, that’s a broad category of people just there!

Along the way we’ve filmed hundreds and hundreds of different yoga poses ( many of them 5 times Cut ……. Reshoot the alignments not good enough, Cut the roof cameras not running ) we really put Sarsha through her paces –here we call the broad range of poses ‘movements’ – and from them we’ve created thousands of elements; so not only can you create the yoga routines, or Sync’s, that you want, but you can also create your own movements too. Currently we have about 1,800 pieces of video for you to play with – and with 1000’s more in post production and filming under-way for some cool stuff that we want. We are all keen users of Yogasync, So you’ll find new content is being uploaded all the time.

So because Al is our very own futurist, technology yogi-geek, we now have this amazing platform with some REALLY serious technology running it – AND it’s still in the new born baby phase, wait until you see what we have lined up, it’s only going to get WAY better! We, at Team Yogasync are so super excited at the possibilities that are unfolding before our eyes that, at times, we’ve found it a little hard to contain ourselves ?

Yogasync.tvs potential to go global over 2012 is huge. So hang on as we bring yoga into homes all around the world. This wonderful concept is enhanced by this amazing time in which we are now living – we really are alive in unprecedented times where such possibilities and opportunities exist. As people who have been practicing yoga for a long time, we know that yoga slowly chips away at our consciousness, helping us to nudge our way into a more authentic and real expression of our deeper nature. Obviously yoga has physical health benefits and these combine together to create an experience of life that is healthy and vital, which keeps us young and energized – and who doesn’t want that?!

We are so deeply excited to bring you to this platform from which we can all jump deeply into this gift of life with the grace and love of a 21st Century Yogi!

Just in closing for today, if what you see here on the screen in the front end seems complex enough, you should see what’s going on in the back-end of the system?! Just go with it… you’ll experience a small learning curve, but if you follow the start up videos you’ll be immersed in your own Sync in no time. Otherwise just Press play on one of ours.

Team Yogasync

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