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What Are the Benefits of Practicing Yoga?
Regular Yoga practice will yeild many benefits and help you become more aware of yourself both physically and mentally. Physiological benefits include; Improved sleep, increased immunity, pain decreases, posture improves, weight normalises, flexibility increases, energy levels increase, muscular strength and endurance increases, improved digestion, pulse rate lowers, blood pressure lowers, cardio vascular efficiency increases, respiratory efficiency increases, EEG - alpha waves increase, EMG activity decreases, joint range of motion increases, grip strength improves, dexterity, reaction time and hand eye coordination improve. Physcological benefits include; Concentration improves, memory improves, attention span improves, learning efficiency improves, mood improves, well being increases, somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase, self acceptance increases, self actualization increases, social skills increase, depression reduction/elemenation, anxiety reduction/elemenation, mind/body neuro connection improves, cognitive function improves.
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