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To create this mudra, touch the tips of the thumb and index fingers of each hand together to join as a zero. Let the other fingers remain straight but relaxed. Rest the hands upon the thighs with your palms facing up. When the finger touches the thumb a circuit is created that allows the energy which would normally dispel into the environment to travel back into the body and up to the brain. Resting the hands upon the knees creates another energetic circuit that further maintains and redirects prana, or life force, within the body. With the palms facing upward the chest and heart are liberated. Some of you may experience this as floaty and ungrounded in which case, turn your palms down onto your thighs where you are likely to feel a stronger, more grounded, sense of conscious embodiment – this turns the mudra into Jnana Mudra. The difference between these two actions is very subtle and requires a deep sensitivity from the practitioner to sense the change in consciousness that it establishes… but notice if you experience a difference. Some days it may seem a little more obvious than others so just bear in mind that some day’s palms up might be better and other days palms down may suit you more. Chin mudra is the mudra of Self Knowledge and may help purify your mind and awaken insight that prepares you for new changes and new directions. It’s practice cultivates mental peace, concentration, sharp memory and spiritual feelings. It has been known to cure insomnia and mental disorders, and to help dissipate tension, depression and drowsiness. Jnana Mudra, also meaning knowledge, is a mudra used especially to invoke wisdom, peace and clear communication. This mudra is also used in seeking the knowledge and wisdom of your own highest self.
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